a book grows in & out of itself

Do Not Eat This Book

by Erik Schurink

To download & assemble this chapbook, click here.

Aesthetic Deformation Statement:

The found, the discarded, the rejected, the deformed. Often it is the mark of age, at times the variety in uselessness, even the constraints of a definition, which lure me to negotiate these bounds and create something new. While my sculptures are assemblages marked by age, my 2D creations often are sparked by uselessnessas is the case with “Do Not Eat This Book.”

We give little mind to this pouch of Silica gel found packaged with some of our dry food products, electronics, and vitamins. We know it when we see it. It is trash. It has done its job. Discard!

The pouch is not to be opened. It has text printed on it, sometimes pictograms. Text and pictograms communicate the supplier’s cover your ass anxiety—a silent siren. A cacophonous silence, while you lean back snacking on a crispy sheet of sesame seaweed or such delicacy imported across the seas.

“Do Not Eat This Book” intends to embrace the size of this pouch, the scale of which gets thrown outmindlesslyby the millions.

Do you print out this pdf, and fold it into an instant book? Will you read it directionally, read it to others, bind it, put it on your shelf, alphabetized between Discourse on the Method and Don Quixote? Will you tuck it into its designated page in the Galerie de Difformité, as if that mass of matter needs a desiccant to stay fresh, lest moisture mold it or spoil its chemical or electronic logic? Will you toss it out as useless?

Whatever you do… enjoy and share! Perhaps while listening to John Cage’s 4’33”.  Or discardmindfully.


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