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Deformity as Metamorphosis

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Deformation Statement (by Lan Bui, Maritza Chavez, Sanna Ruhi, Katie Graham, Megan Pearson, Lynsey Isaacs, Lina Lin, Andrew Carlson, Amaranth Borsuk, Stephenie Mundt, Joel Kalonji, Roxanne Winn, Elaine Bondoc, Holly Mitchell, Michelle O’Connor, Christina Joo):

Body Image

Image Conscious

Conscious Mind

Mind Control

Control Freak

Freak Show

Show Off

Off Topic

Topic Sentence

Sentence Structure

Structure Damage

Damage Control

Control Center

Center Stage

Stage Performance

Performance Enhancement

Assignment: “Collaborative Chapbook: Textual Transformation” by Amaranth Borsuk and her students at the University of Washington-Bothell for Spring 2013 course on “Experimenting through the Arts.” (Full syllabus and additional assignment related to “Artist’s Book / Galerie de Difformite” available here.)

Background: In the spirit of the collaborative books created by Russian Futurist artists in the early 20th century, we will collaborate on a chapbook that considers the material nature of language, inserting the concerns of this class into Gretchen Henderson’s Galerie de Difformité.

Prompt: On pages 232-233 of the Galerie de Difformité, Henderson invites readers to create a chapbook, which she will make available on her website for readers to download, print, and assemble. For chapbooks created by other collectives, see: http://difformite.wordpress.com/chapbooks/

Method: The theme for our class chapbook will be Deformity as Transformation. As a springboard, we will use the game of “crazy chain” to generate a collaborative text. The game begins with the first participant speaking a well-known 2-word phrase: “money clip,” “hang out,” or “reading room,” for example. The next person repeats the phrase, adding a two-word phrase that begins with the previous end-word: “reading room” + “room service” = “reading room service.” We will go around the room, with each person repeating the chain and adding a word that creates a 2-word phrase with the last word. When we arrive at a chain we like, each person will use his or her 2-word phrase to build a 2-page spread in our collaborative book, a long, mutating visual poem.

Materials: Each of you will be creating a folio (a page folded down the middle) from a landscape-oriented 8.5″x11″ sheet of paper. At the left edge of the sheet, leave a 1” margin blank. This will be folded back to create a hinge for gluing your folio to the one preceding it. Your spread, which starts 1” from the left edge, should be 5” on either side of a gutter (the center fold). The book will be an accordion, allowing readers to create new juxtapositions. Do whatever you like with your two words. Illustrate, create collages, erasures, concrete poems, shape poems, typographic textures, or use QR codes to do something with video or sound. You may work in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or on the page. Sign your spread in some way.

Deadline: A .pdf of your 2-page spread is due on the course website by May 27, 2013. 17 copies of your 2-page spread are due in class at our final meeting, Wednesday June 5, 2013, where we will fold and glue our chapbooks together.

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